Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shining the Spotlight: Jay Knight

While in New York City for New York Fashion Week I had the pleasure of meeting and dining with a talented young man by the name of Jay Knight. Not only he is fashionable (which makes my heart pitter patter) but he is also a budding Fashion Designer and Music Artist. While eating an amazing plate of steak and eggs from Cafetasia I sat down with Jay and asked him a few questions.
When did you start designing:
"I started designing when I was about 17 years old."
How old are you now:
"I am 19 years old."
You are also a recording artist, so when did you embark on this journey?
"I started singing when I was 9 years old."
What label are you currently signed to?
"I am currently an independent artist."
What made you want to began designing?
"Originally it was just a vision. I saw that people wanted something different in fashion. I didnt want to just do a collection...I wanted it to be artistic and also inspire people."
What exactly does your line consist of?
"Urban wear and classic wear."
When is your line launching?
"It will be launching at the end of September."
What would you like the public to know about you?
"Live your dream, never give up, pursue your passion."
You can follow Jay Knight via twitter @JaeLaRox....He is definitely a force to be wreckoned with!

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