Monday, December 6, 2010

J.A.M. Sunglasses: Couture Eyewear

I received a tweet from Stylist to the Stars Mr. Joe Exclusive (I had the pleasure of meeting him during NYFW) and there was a twitpic of one of the above pictured glasses. After seeing these it became evident that fashion and creativity knows no boundaries. I knew right away I had to check out the website and see what other creations would capture me. Designer Monique Dass initially debuted J.A.M. Sunglasses in August 2010 and for a recent launch I am speechless. J.A.M. Sunglasses named after her mother (Justina), sister ( Akeela) and herself (Monique) are sure to have heads turning and mouths drooling. The best part of it all is most of the glasses are UNISEX. If you dare to be different than these are for you. My faves are the Haute Couture, a mixture of femininity and boldness .....Check out more of J.A.M. Sunglasses here. Thoughts Lovies?

@PerceptionAndCo DESTINATION 1610 ... PRESENTS.."JAM" GET INTO THESE EYEWEAR OF THE FUTURE!less than a minute ago via web


  1. Very Unique Styles! You have to be the right kind of flyness to work these and give them justice!! Love It!!!

  2. I love them, these are so creative, never seen styles like these before...not even from lady gaga