Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Red Lips for the Holidays

Sometimes I can be completely random....and today is no different. While thinking of what to wear for New Years I decided I wanted RED lips. Anyone who has shopped for red lipstick/lip glass/lip tint knows that this is a task. When choosing the perfect shade it can be pretty intimidating. Picking the wrong color can look vulgar and cheap when its meant to look sexy, sophisticated and POWERFUL. Here are a few tips:

  • Be sure it does not clash with your skin tone
  • Be sure it does not make your teeth look yellow
  • Be sure your eye shadows and cheek color of the overall face palette does not clash with the red lips.
  • Blush should pick up the lipstick’s underlying tone
  • If you never use a lip brush for any other shade of lipstick, purchase one for use with red lipsticks for a crisp, concise finish

Due to me being Medium-dark skin I am looking for dark red or red with a plum high gloss.

What are your favorite red lip colors and/or brands lovies?

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