Monday, October 18, 2010

Marvelous Misses: Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has loss a ton of weight and she looks absolutely FAB most importantly she is healthy. Jennifer Hudson choose to use the unconventional method of Hollywood to get healthy (Weight Watchers). Most celebs opt for plastic surgery, binging and purging amongst other life threatening methods. I am truly proud of her accomplishments, this one being the best yet. Jennifer's determination has awarded her an astounding weight loss (from a size 22 to a current size 6). Congrats Jennifer.....You are officially a Marvelous Miss!
Before and After pictures below
(In this reccent picture Jennifer Hudson is rocking a Michael Kors Dress)

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  1. People say I look like her, and I would get upset because I knew it was because we were bouth "thick". Well now that she has lost weight, I'm definitely be trying to keep up with her, she looks FAB!