Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation and FATionistas At Large

Hello Lovies...I am currently vacationing in Cape Cod for the next 5 days and will not be updating the blog during this time. I am actually going to VACATION...I know I know...I can't believe it myself. When I come back from Vacation I will officially begin FATionistas at LARGE. These post will consist of images of myself showcasing my own personal shopping finds and FITS (outfits). This component will also showcase you as well. If you are a size 14 and above begin sending your images in to Along with your images be sure to include your name, location, what you are wearing and why you are a FATionista at LARGE. Remember there are no rules in Fashion!!! Dare to be different. Hope to hear from you soon....Time to hit the beach! Happy 4th of July!! Be safe and enjoy. XOXO

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