Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Did You Know: Fashion Fact

Hello Lovies.....I wanted to start a monthly post of little known fashion facts called "Did You Know". I come across fashion info all the time so I figured why not share some of what I hear or learn with you. These post will be some of the most random info you may ever read, it may even have you patting your weave but KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (even if its something you never gave a second thought/glance). So here goes......

Did you know:

  • Louis Vuitton uses a needle, linen thread and beeswax to make their bags? The reason they use the beeswax is to protect each overstitch from humidity and wear tear.

This is why I always tell you guys to buy the best handbags.....Firstly, we only live once and secondly a great handbag is an INVESTMENT. Did you know this fashion fact lovies?

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  1. Great info on LV bags! I am sending you some fashion facts for posting!