Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Muff Mouthing Off...

Hola...I have been feeling under the weather since Sunday. I went to the Doctor and was diagnosed with Lymphadenitis which is an infection in your lymph nodes. Mine that are infected is in my neck which is extremely painful. I was given antibiotics which weren't working so I went back today. They conducted a CT scan as well as took bloodwork and I will live...yayyyyyy! The infection is bad, hence the meds not feeling like they were working. I apologize for my lack of Grammy coverage. I watched but due to me feeling so bad I did not blog! I'm still feeling really sick but I will not let this effect my eagerness to bring you some of the most influential African American woman in fashion honoring Black History Month! Twice a week starting tomorrow I will began these posts! Thanks for all your love and support. Keep me in your prayers. xoxoxoxo

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