Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who's Up Next-Leah Taylor

Who is Leah Taylor? You may or may not know Leah Taylor but if you do not know her now you will shortly. Leah Taylor one half of the dynamic duo of Taylor Ector Studios (her brother Rob Ector, a well-known photographer is co-owner) has been styling for years but Fashion has been her life since before she could spell the word or understand the meaning. Born in Cleveland, Ohio residing in Atlanta, Georgia Leah took time out of her hectic schedule to sit down and speak with me about where she began, where she is now and where she plans to be in the future.

What made you want to become a stylist?

"I have always been into Fashion. My mom was a Visual Merchandiser when I was younger and she was one of the most stylish woman I had ever seen. My Mom would Boutique shop when I was younger. Along with my Mom my Grandmother and Aunt both played a part in my love for Fashion."

How long have you been styling?

"I have been styling all together for approximately 7-10 years. I began putting clothes on people in 2003 but I have been doing my own thing for 2 years."

Who are some of your clients?

" I have worked with the Real Housewives Atlanta Nene Leakes, Lisa Wu Hartwell, and Sheree Whitfield. I have also worked with Lala Vasquez, Tiny Cottle and Toya Carter from The Tiny and Toya Show on BET. I also worked with Keyshia Knight Pulliam, Jazze Pha and J.J. Hickson of the Cleveland Cavaliers."

What are some of your tips on becoming a great Stylist?

"You have to be able to think outside of th box. Most importantly you have to know your fashion history 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's. You have to know what trend is in. I have to make sure I am constantly reading magazines and stayin on top of what is the new up and coming item. I have to make sure I know who is wearing what.

When did you have your "Anh Hah" moment? When did you know you had what it took to be a Stylist?

"I was working on Welcome to Dreamland a reality show on BET with a new artist Kia Hampton. This gave me the ability to work with an aspiring artist and create a look from head to toe. She walked on stage to perform and I knew than that this was my calling. When she walked out on stage you would have thought she was already a celebrity and had a record contract. Another moment was when I dressed Young Jeezy. I gave him some military shirts that I had made and he wore them. I knew than that this was where I needed to be"

Who is your favorite designer?

"WOW I have a ton of designers I love but right now I would have to go with Alexander Wang, Gucci, Jason Wuu and Balenciaga."

What is Leah's WOW piece right now?

"I would have to say I love handbags and shoes. But to be more specific my galaxy bag by Gucci. It was a Christmas gift and I am in love with it."

What's in store for Leah in 2010?

"Traveling, lots of traveling. I want to go to Miami and NYC to scout out High Fashion Models. Although there are great Models in Atlanta I want to broaden my portfolio. Most importantly I want to brand the name Tayor Ector Studio."

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