Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MTV VMA-Fashion Recap


Really ladies......With all of the Stylist (HINT HINT) and Designers you guys came up with the exact same dress. Ughhhhhhh! WOMP WOMP!

Olivia (from The City) disappoints in this baggy dress. It would have looked a lot better if there was some structure. She definitely needs to get a stylist (HINT HINT) who knows how to obtain the right fit.

Lady Gaga pissed me off the entire night. Every single outfit she had on was ridiculous. Its one thing to make a statement its something diferent to just look plain DUMB! She gets the WOMP WOMP of them all. Moving right along....

One word for this catastrophe.......MESSY!

Cassie is one of my MARVELOUS MISSES but she missed the mark with this dress. There is nothing pretty about it! Im truly lost for words!

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